Friday 22 March 2013

Another quick update

Real life. That's a thing that happens, then things like blog posts get forgotten about. I'm sorry guys! I truly am! I will make it up to you by you telling about what has been going on recently. So 5 months ago to this day I started my new job at TT Fusion and have been having a great time. This has been my first games industry gig and it has been such a fantastic learning experience and have been able to get down and dirty making some friggin video games.

I'm just going to leave this picture of a lion here.

Outside of this, I have been spending a bit of time doing various bits and bobs. I have obviously been rather busy with work now, but I am still trying to make time to do my own little projects and learn new things on the side. I will hopefully have some stuff to show soon, but there is only so much time in the day to make things happen. This is a brand new project and it is pretty exciting stuff. Unfortunately this isn't related to any of my old projects, they may have been a bit forgotten about at this point. I love them all, but eventually you have to move on to pastures new. 

Long story short, the future is exciting guys! :D

The Lost Blog Post - Astro Junk

Well this is embarrassing. I haven't updated this blog in forever and it turns out I wrote a blog post ages ago and then forgot.

So I might as well post it. Have a time capsule of my thoughts from about 6 months ago. I was originally planning to write a few posts about the development of Astro Junk but I got a bit distracted by real life. I shall just post this here in case it is at all interesting to anyone, but it seems unlikely that I shall actually revisit this and finish the series up.


Well here we go:

Over the past two weeks or so I have been working on a game called Astro Junk. This has been my first real exercise of building up a complete game and has come with many of the challenges associated with game development. However it has been great fun and I have learnt a lot. I plan to go through over a series of posts some of the key points about how I made the game, as well as point out the major things that I learnt.