Tuesday 31 July 2012

This LEGO Thing

Over the past few months I've rather gotten into this whole Lego thing. Somehow it never got it's claws into me when I was a kid, my brother seemed to be the one who was into the engineering aspect of it and he was the one who ended up with a lot. Apparently this love finally arrived for me about 15 years later and now I am officially an adult fan of Lego. I have been drawn to Technic, mostly due to the fact that I really enjoy piecing mechanical components together and seeing how it all works. It might not be pure Lego, but it sure is still a lot of fun.

Keep on truckin'!
This monster has fully functioning battery powered crane. The gearbox required to make it work is Lego wizardry.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Gaming Archive: Ballistics

Here's something different for you and most likely something you have never head of before. When people come up to me and say "Hey, F-Zero / Wipeout / Some other sci-fi racing game is super fast" (a surprisingly uncommon occurrence if I do say so myself) I say "clearly you haven't seen Ballistics!"

It is at this point I receive a blank stare, to which I respond with:
"Read my blog, I will tell you all about it!"