Monday 13 August 2012

Astro Junk Release!

Today I am happy to announce that I have made a thing that I can release onto the Internet. Even better, this is a thing that you can play right now by clicking here!

Introducing... Astro Junk!

This is a game that I started working on about a month ago and I have been working on it for about half of that time. I did all of the programming and Clarissa provided a lot of the artwork for the game. The game is now in a state that I am happy to release and is something that can be played! Astro Junk is a more expanded version of the classic game Asteroids with the controls designed to invoke the classic Asteroids feel. However the main difference is that the asteroids drop resources when destroyed, which allow the player to purchase new upgrades when the player returns the base.

Here are some screenshots:

The game can be downloaded from here. I will probably be putting up the source code soon and I will be posting more about it soon. I would be very grateful to hear what people think of the game, so please leave comments on this post!

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