Saturday 30 June 2012

2D Tile World: Part 2

This whole blog thing is going terribly! I haven't updated in like two weeks! This may have been because I have technically been working the past two weeks, but that's not the point. The point is, it's time for a new blog post!

Today I have taken it upon myself to get some stuff back on track with the tile project and the results are good! This morning I started with something not far off the program mentioned in my original post, however I have since added a lot of features.

A lot of these are hard to show off, so instead I will provide a list:

  • Mouse support
    • It is now possible to move the camera around by holding the mouse near the edges of the screen
    • Right-click scroll/dragging the view is also in.
    • Zooming with mouse wheel
    • Click to place blocks
    • Middle-click to remove blocks
  • Weather
    • Clear
    • Rain
    • Storms
    • Snow
    • Lava Rain!!!
This mouse support is a pretty big deal, this program now feels really nice to move around in, compared to before where I had to use a keyboard setup that just functional and not hugely pleasant to use. Also as part of this it is now possible to modify the generated world. To make things like this:

The ability to modify the generated world brings us things like... this? The bridge breathing dinosaur rock castle!
 I feel so proud of my bridge breathing dinosaur. Also note, water is currently falling from the sky in a rain-like fashion. Currently elements like water, lava and snow still do not react with each other, which is next on my list of things to change.

Zoom levels! Higher detail dinosaur!
I am pretty happy with this thing, apart from the fact that I still haven't managed to turn it into anything that even remotely resembles a game. That's also one of my next steps that I need to work out... maybe in the next post I will have worked out something!?!?*

*seems unlikely

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